Mercurio D. Rivera (mercuriodrivera) wrote,
Mercurio D. Rivera

Strange, Indeed

There’s an interesting article over at i09 discussing the new “sci-fi strange” subgenre.  SF writer and nebula-nominee Jason Sanford includes my story “Longing for Langalana” as part of his “dream anthology” of sci-fi strange, along with stories by all-stars Ted Chiang, Paolo Bacigalupi, Rachel Swirsky, Eugie Foster, Nnedi Okorafor, Lavie Tidhar, Gareth L. Powell, fellow Fluidian Alaya Dawn Johnson and others. There’s a link to “Langalana” included in the article.  Many thanks, Jason!

This is heartening since I continue to work on my collection of interconnected stories starring my tragic lovestruck aliens, the Wergens, who have it bad for humanity.  (There’s nothing sadder than unrequited alien love.:))  The second in the series, “In the Harsh Glow of its Incandescent Beauty,” appeared earlier this year in Interzone #226 and will be podcast in an upcoming episode of StarShip Sofa.

More people are reading “Langalana” as a result of this recent attention.  I came across this new, lengthy and very generous review which starts off by saying, “If an SF story could every make me cry, it’d be this one.” Suddenly, I feel motivated to plug on in the Wergen universe.

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