Mercurio D. Rivera (mercuriodrivera) wrote,
Mercurio D. Rivera

Beam Me Up, I say

A few new bits of news to report.  “Beam Me Up,” a local radio show that has aired in Maine over the past five years, broadcast a reading of my  story “Snatch Me Another” in this week’s episode.  (The original recording was  masterfully produced by Tony Smith and the crew at StarshipSofa a few months ago.)  Paul Cole, who runs Beam Me Up, told me he has already received several telephone calls with positive feedback.  You can listen to a podcast of the show here.

“Beam is Up” is also in the process of recording “Dear Annabehls,” a companion piece to “Snatch Me Another,” which will be airing on the program next month.

I still can’t thank Wendy Delmater enough for originally publishing “Snatch Me Another” at Abyss and Apex.   Since then, the story has been reprinted in Rich Horton’s anthology Unplugged: The Web’s Best SF and Fantasy, Download 2008; finished at #25 on the Locus Recommended List for 2008 for short stories;  appeared as a notable story on the 2009 Million Writers Award List (where it made the short list but just missed the Top 10); was podcast on Starship Sofa (pitted against a C.M. Kornbluth classic); and now has appeared on the “Beam Me” Up radio program.  Wow.  I never would’ve predicted such a long shelf life for this little story.

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