Mercurio D. Rivera (mercuriodrivera) wrote,
Mercurio D. Rivera

‘Kawk’ Reviews

The best part about having a story published in Interzone is the attention that each issue routinely garners from reviewers and bloggers.  The wave of reviews for Interzone #227, featuring “Dance of the Kawkawroons,” has started to sweep across the Internet.  (I’m almost [but not quite] getting used to being on the hot- burner):

Literary Critic David Hebblethwaite’s Review

Suite 101 review by Colin Harvey

SFCrowsnest review by Gareth D. Jones

Garbled Signals review by Matt Bruensteiner

Locus Online review by Lois Tilton

Lightly Seared on the Reality Grill review by Paul Pritchard

John’s Reading review by John Fair

SF Revu review by Sam Tomaino

Fantasy & Science Fiction review by Anthony G. Williams

Dan Powell – On Writing

Ray Garrity – Russian Review

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